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DF-Argo GSM is a universal GSM dialer.
It can be used as main communication channel or Back-Up; monitors the presence of the PSTN.DF-Argo GSM can send voice messages or SMS to the monitoring station, the firemen, and the end user.
There are 8 I / O; specifically 6 of them can be selectively programmed as input or as output.
The remaining two are only used as output.
The dialer tests the presence of the telephone line, and the level of the RSSI signal.
The antenna is included in the product, and the cable is about 3 meters long.
The programming of the dialer can be done through the Free Software “Proste”; the software installed on your PC requires a connection cable to the dialer DF-CABLE Kit is not provided.
Voice messages can be recorded using a standard telephone connected to the single programming phase, the dialer itself.

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