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“Line Detection Smoke Aspiration

DF-ASD-535-1 Unit Revelation 1 tube indication smoke concentration std.

DF-ASD-535-3 Unit Revelation 1 tube indication concentration smoke extended

The detection system aspirated ASD 535 is an active high sensitivity smoke detection of the new generation. Offers over to a device for controlling the flow d & rsquo; air, the possibility adjust the sensitivity specific application of the smoke detection system.

Designed for use with one smoke detector having different values of sensitivity:
DF-SSD 535-1 sensitivity 0.5 -10%/m (0,0217db/m)
DF-SSD 535-2 sensitivity 0.1 -10%/m (0,0043db/m)
DF-SSD 535-3 sensitivity 0.02 -10%/m (0,00087db/m)
This system able to monitor very large surfaces even up to 5000m2 thanks to a suction depression than 400Pa. For each smoke sensor can connect up to 300m of pipe respecting the norm EN54-20; can make up to 120 holes tubo.La sensitivity & Alarm Sensor Smoke HD (High Dynamics) SSD 535 m ranges from 0.002% up to 10% / m, corresponding to the spectrum of sensitivity a detector that uses Laser. Sono 5 levels of alarm: 3 Warnings and 2 allarmi.Particolare Also the noise level & of only 32db.
The design of the intake system ASD Vds certificate. for classes A, B, C.
Typical applications

Warehouses and bonded warehouses high stacking and automatic
Cold storage
Centres of collection and treatment of waste
Centers for collecting and processing of biomass
Environments with normal presence of moisture & agrave; or suspended particles
Computer rooms, hospitals, Cleanroom
Libraries, Museums, historic buildings of significant architectural importance
Plants CED / EDP”